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Big Farm is here, your uncle just give a present, a farm! but is a very bad state, you need to build it to is glory days, with no experience in farming you must be able to put your business […]


Ufo Online, the aliens should have never been trusted and now some humans know they only want our resources and our blood, we must fight them out of our planet but to make things more hard for us, some people […]


Fragoria a mmorpg browser game ,legendary world of ever-changing quests and many treasures. Forge your weapons, breed lots of pets, form guilds and alliances with your friends and join crazy epic battles, from 1v1 duels to full scale wars between […]

Rail Nation

Rail Nation – The free railway strategy browser game Railway attraction – Millions of fans worldwide devote their spare time to the fascination and enjoyment of tracks,Start up their own railway company, manage transports on a daily basis and to […]

Astro Empires

Astro Empires is a highly addicting Web Browser MMOG. Based in space it has an amazing player community ranging from Peaceful protectorates, to farming terrorist in-game. With this said all members are at least willing to help, whether their method […]