Category: Fantasy


Wizard 101 is a free to play mmo game were you create your own wizard and start a amazing adventure, a fun game to play, get magic, cards and get into duels with other wizards, this is a game that […]


Hero warz is an action-packed Mmorpg, Manga free-to-play game that offers fast-paced action combat and a wide selection of characters to choose from, five hundred years after a disaster that nearly destroyed the Earth, you’ll travel throughout the new world, […]

Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet, become an Osiran and join Sky hammer’s ranks in the draconic online role playing game Dragon’s Prophet,join Auratia, a world full of countless dragons and fabulous creatures. Become a hero, tame your dragons and follow your mutual destiny, […]


Neverwinter a free to play mmorpg game, a fantasy game based on dungeons & dragons, joint the epic story full of combat and action a amazing role playing game for the brave, if you want to explore and find treasures, […]


Aion is a free to play game with stunning 3D graphics, a mmorpg developed by ncsoft and gameforge, with over 3900 storys driven quests, a real epic adventure, a unique fantasy world with deadly enemies, dynamic pvpve, battle hundreds of […]

TERA Fate Of Arun

TERA Fate Of Arun a mmo game with lots of adventures, a enormous world of amazing landscapes, seven races to choose from, players are able to run for elections in a large political system, choose a continent or province, realistic […]


GUNS AND ROBOTS a online free to play shooter game with cartonny style game play, a open arena action game with 3D graphics, customise robots from scratch, fight till the last robot stands, large variety of weapons, and styles.


DINO STORM, the dinos are back from the past, and this time they fight with the humans, get your laser cannons and start the shooting, get your own dinosaur in this browser rpg game, there is no need to download, […]

Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a rpg, mmorpg, strategy and fantasy game, you have many mercenaries to choose from and try to conquer atlantica, players have guilds that control towns, and went they have the towns keys they will have to manage […]

Tales Of Pirates 2

Tales Of Pirates 2 a fantasy anime multiplayer game, this is a very fun game to play, is been around for a while and is still going, fantastic story lines with different islands and towns, many possibilities to play this […]